Real Estate Development Opportunities,

Made Simple.

Value Added Strategies

Nuvo develop real estate projects that utilize value added strategies to our invested assets. Nuvo directs and manages the entirety of development. Through strategic partnerships, Nuvo Fund Group will oversee land development, vertical construction, the sale and/or property management of the development. The ability to handle all facets of real estate development gives us the opportunity to create investment opportunities with full transparency.

Extensive Experience

Nuvo Fund Group has managed over 300,000 sq ft of residential and commercial real estate. We have facilitated the growth of our rental property portfolio with strong returns through patience, strategic partnerships, and recognizing growth opportunities. Our model revolves around finding the right balance of risk and reward. With the plethora of advertised deals that are presented to us, we filter the proposals to invest into developments that best fit ours and our clients vision.

Invest in New Markets

Nuvo Fund Group has access and experience developing residential and commercial spaces overseas in Vietnam. Recognizing the potential, Nuvo has started developments in Hanoi and other areas with plans to expand. We currently have acreage of raw land in growing tourist areas that will begin development in the near future. By managing acquisitions earlier in growth market areas, we are able to "beat the curve" and increase growth opportunities for ourselves and our investors.

Real Estate Investments. Real Opportunities.

Nuvo Fund gives investors the opportunity to invest into curated portfolios of real estate assets. Each presented development is one that Nuvo Fund Group is directly involved in. As the financial mechanism, we are oversee the acquisition, land development, vertical construction, and management of all our properties.

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