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NuvoFund is an investment firm that finances profitable businesses, dreams, and ideas. Since the financial crisis of 2008, we have invested in properties, business, and innovations from South East Asia to the United States, helping people who needed to keep afloat during financial crunches. With our returns, we have been able to help even more people just like you over the years.

We’ve acquired multifamily real estate, land, and commercial buildings and continue to fund our acquisitions through further investments, but we are more than just an investment company. NuvoFund was created for people who also need short term help as well as long term investments.

We are led by a familial investment team.

We pride ourselves in providing the necessary tools and capital for businesses that strive for greater success.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to help anybody, anywhere, at any time with a great amount of success.

That's why NuvoFund is the largest investment firm of the NuvoDesk investment panel and has invested its money in a new concept called "Orderlivery", a multi-million dollar idea.

Whether you’re building a $12 million high tech building in the heart of Arlington, TX, (see our beautiful NuvoDesk office), an established restaurant with new ideas the will revolutionize the industry, or in the preliminary stages of a small online start-up anywhere in the world, we are here to help you achieve your dreams.