Offering the Right Real Estate Development Investments.

About Us

Real estate is one of the best performing sectors to invest your money in. With Nuvo Fund Group, you can actually see what you’re money is being put to. Our investment strategies give you the ability to invest into real estate opportunities that we have developed personally. Our focus revolves around creating commercial and residential structures in growth market areas in both the U.S. and Asian markets.

Our goal is to invest ahead of the curve to generate the most optimal returns. This takes discipline and patience.

The Founder

Charlie Pham is a restauranteur in the Arlington, Texas and has spearheaded ventures such as Pho 95 and BFF Asian Grill. Charlie Pham expanded his roots in the industry by branching out into the wholesale market with Southwest Restaurant Equipment.

With the success in the retail and wholesale segment of the restaurant industry, Nuvo Fund Group came into fruition.

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