About NuvoFund

The Nuvo Visionary: Charlie Pham

Hello! I’m Charlie Pham, the founder of NuvoFund Group Inc. Since diving into the real estate realm in 2004, my path has been blessed with relentless passion, cutting-edge innovation, and a track record of unparalleled triumphs.
Starting with Pho 95, I didn’t just acquire a business – I transformed it. My knack for real estate unfolded as I reimagined and remodeled this establishment, lighting the way for a series of successful ventures.
A Legacy in the Making

NuvoFund Milestones

With foundations laid deep in the construction domain and an enriched vision, my aspiration crystallized – to acquire properties brimming with latent potential. Regardless of others’ apprehensions, I foresaw prosperity in land that many disregarded.
Embarked on my real estate journey with Pho 95.
Built a second Pho 95.
Leveraging the financial crisis, I honed my skills and broadened my horizons by investing in houses during these pivotal years.
Invested in a third Pho 95.
Proudly built the first BFF Asian Grill.
Welcomed the second BFF Asian Grill, a testament to the brand's acclaim.
The legacy continued with the opening of a third BFF Asian Grill.
The establishment of NuvoDesk Coworking Space - a modern hub for businesses.
My ambitions transcended borders as I ventured into Vietnamese terrains, amassing over 43 acres within two years, from pristine oceanfront spots to bustling freeway locales.
NuvoFund Group was incorporated - an embodiment of our real estate prowess.
Despite the pandemic's brief interruption, our resolve never waned. By 2023, we celebrated the culmination of our halted projects.
June 2023
Partnering with Elkay, a premier architectural and construction firm in Vietnam, we embarked on constructing our debut Villa in the serene Khu Do Thi, Ha Quang 1 subdivision of Nha Trang Khanh Hoa, Vietnam.
The horizon gleams with anticipation as we are poised to unveil three groundbreaking projects in Grand Prairie in the forthcoming year.

Ready to take the first step?

Crafting legacies, building dreams, and envisioning the future – that’s the NuvoFund way.
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